Summer Music School Sinj 2020


6. CROATIAN FLUTE ACADEMY – International Flute Summer Courses 06.-14.06. – Karlovac

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Our week-long course is a complete program where diverse courses complement each other. Each day is intense and educational (and fun) from morning until night, and filled with flute lectures, workshops, and performances that span classical, contemporary, jazz, latin jazz, and other styles. We have fun but we take our learning seriously as each of our teachers brings a unique perspective and method, a unique story. Being immersed in this idea of diversity in flute playing makes us grow as flutists, regardless of style. What you see, hear and learn in this program can very well be a life changing experience for many, a defining moment for a person as a musician and an artist.

All student performances and masterclasses will be accompanied by MISAKI BABA, the official CFA piano-accompanist.

We will practice, play and perform at the beautiful Zorin Dom city theatre in Karlovac. Also planned are short excursions to beautiful local natural locations, that we will use to socialize, share stories and be inspired.

Ljetna glazbena škola Sinj 2019

Ljetna glazbena škola održati će se u Sinju u periodu od 08. do 20. srpnja 2019. godine. Nastava će se održavati u jutarnjim i ranim poslijepodnevnim satima na više lokacija u samom središtu grada (Alkarski dvori, Galerija Sikirica, Galerija Galiotović, OGŠ Jakova Gotovca, Dom mladih). Večernji sati predviđeni su za zajedničke glazbene i sportske aktivnosti, te druženje. Po otvaranju prvog i drugog tjedna ljetne glazbene škole održati će se koncerti profesora, dok će se po završetku svakog tjedna održati koncerti polaznika.

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